Mezinárodní konference doktorských studií
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Mezinárodní konference doktorských studií  



Photos from the previous conference in 2013 by Tomáš Příkrý

Increasingly intangible, liquid nature of contemporary theatre, crossing traditional boundaries and contesting conventional methodologies, represents a huge challenge for PhD students. Considering that doctoral studies are a potential think tank reacting to current trends in the most up-to-date and innovative way, they are worth detailed and systematic attention. What are some of the current trends in doctoral theatre research? What are the new topics and methodologies? Recently, artistic research has entered into the theatre field, trying to fuse artistic creation with academic discourse. What kind of theatre projects does it initiate? What strategies of knowledge production are involved? And what risks and achievements does it generate?

The international biennial conference at DIFA JAMU is focused on mapping doctoral studies based at theatre academies or university departments of theatre studies. DIFA JAMU represents a theatre academy with a long-standing tradition of a doctoral programme covering majority of the theatre specialisations and professions. We are well aware of the necessity of monitoring current international trends in theatre practice and theory and that is why DIFA JAMU organises an international conference every year. The International Conference of Doctoral Studies in Theatre Practice and Theory was founded in 2003 and has been visited by more than eighty PhD students from Europe, Africa or Asia who introduced their ongoing researches to the international audience and discussed common methodological issues. For more info see three volumes of conference proceedings.

The conference represents a platform for contrasting different concepts of doctoral studies and research in the field of theatre. That is why all the papers and presentations are asked to deal with the topics of creative work and current trends in theatre and should not be historically oriented. Since we see doctoral studies in theatre as ever-changing inspiring field, we ask all participants to include in their presentations special introductory part dedicated to the characterization of doctoral programme at their home institution and to pay a particular attention to the methodological aspect of their research. 

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  Proceedings of the previous conferences since 2003 are available at the JAMU e-shop.  


We look forward to welcoming you in Brno. 

Mgr. et Mgr. Radka Kunderová, Ph.D.

conference programme chair

prof. PhDr. Josef Kovalčuk

vicedean for science, research

and international relations

Mgr. Petra Riou

conference organisation coordinator


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